RBA to Increase Interest Rate

A general consensus amongst economists says that they expect RBA to increase rates between 1-2% in the next 12-24 months. With this possibility, all lenders have factored in future increases. One example is a leading lender with the following rates for an owner-occupied loan. Variable Rate: 2.14% (Full Doc, P&I

Mobile Apps for Managing Finances

Managing finances has become easier nowadays through mobile applications you can access wherever you go. A huge number of these mobile applications help us monitor our expenses, sync our bank accounts, and set financial goals. We listed some of the amazing apps you can install on your phone to get

COVID-19 Support

Its a really challenging time at the moment for all but no doubt we will all come out stronger at the other end.For some of us this means working from home – while keeping their kids from going crazy! Social distancing is an important part of us staying on top

2019 Housing Market Update

CoreLogic has released their latest Housing Market Update. Sydney Dwelling Values are now -13.2% lower than their July 2017 peak.Brisbane Dwelling Values – a popular investment market for Sydney clients are now -1.0% lower than their April 2018 peak.The slowdown in credit growth is mostly due to a reduction in

Tax Deductions: Tips for Reducing Tax

It is a fact that everybody wants to stretch and maximise their savings. Maximising tax deductions through the use of interest deductions is one way to lessen your tax liability. Whether you’re a student that wants to save money or a businessman that wants to make more profit. Remember the basic principle:

‘Tis the Season to be Thrifty

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. Everyone loves to spend quality time with their families and friends. They also love spending on gifts, vacations, and sumptuous food as a way to celebrate the holidays. Still, it is important to be conscious of how you spend your